We have compiled a list of the must-know jewelry hacks to help you protect your delicate jewelry.

Silver jewellery

  • Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

Add a few drops of mild detergent with club soda, and let the jewelry sit in this solution for 10 to 20 minutes. Scrub away the dirt with a soft bristled toothbrush, pat dry with a lint free cloth and voila! now you have the shine on your jewelry you always wanted.

  • Solution of the rigid knots in your silver chain necklace

Want to add some beautiful charms to your silver necklace , but cannot because your special silver chain has got rigid knots? An effective solution to your problem is sprinkling the knots with a little baby powder and then pulling apart the knot gently. And there you have it, your precious silver chain with the rigid knots untangled. But a note of caution – don’t use too much powder unless you want to invest a lot of time in cleaning the powder from the crevices.

  • Fasten your silver bracelets easily

Take a big paperclip and bend it in the shape of the letter S, then hook its one side onto the jump ring of the silver bracelet and hold the other side with your fingers. Now wrap the bracelet around and fasten it with your free hand.

  • Using buttons to keep your earrings

Time to get the unused extra buttons out of the drawer and put them to good use. They can be the perfect solutions to the problem of losing an earring of your favorite pair. Spare buttons are ideal for making earring holders so that they don’t get lost from one another.

Other than these hacks, we even have some easy and quick hacks for you to store your precious jewelry safely.

  • DIY Book Jewelry Box

One of my friends used this jewelry hack at her wedding. Instead of getting a ring pillow, she took an old book, carved out the pages with a knife, glued them together, then put the rings inside it for safety. This works as an inconspicuous place to leave your rings and other jewelry you wear everyday.

  • Ice Cube/ Egg Tray as Jewelry Storage

Having a safe or drawers that aren’t organized? Go to the supermarket and pick up some ice cube trays to make them a jewelry storage that is affordable and inexpensive. Other option in place of the ice tray can be egg trays or cartons.

  • Use artwork as hidden jewelry storage

Generally it is not preferred to keep your valuable jewelry in places other than secure safes. But safes are expensive and might not be feasible for everybody. In such a situation, you can build hidden storage in the artwork of your home. But be sure that you get all your jewelry insured beforehand.

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