Have an awesome jewelry design in mind but confused about which metal to use to create the design? We know gold and platinum are super expensive, plus they are hard to work with too, so we won’t suggest you to take the risk. The perfect solution to your problem is sterling silver. Sterling silver is the metal that you can use to create designs that can be both timeless and trendy. Modern jewellery designers are using it as well due to sterling silver having the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability.


Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely give sterling silver a try!

  • Sterling Silver is a durable metal

When it comes to durability, sterling silver jewelry will be there with you for life. Even some of the pieces, which are well-made and taken care of correctly, become family heirlooms in the future. But make sure you are buying the best quality jewellery, from established and reputable jewelry companies which have been in this business for a certain time. One more thing that you also need to take care of is looking for the marks which tell about the quality of the silver you’re buying. Best quality sterling silver is often marked with “925” or “.925” or “sterling”. It is true that 925 silver jewelry is not cheap, but the extra cost that you have to pay is worthwhile for the quality and value of the jewellery that you recieve.

  • Latest trends guaranteed

Sterling silver is also perfect for women who like to keep up with the latest fashion and jewelry. Keeping up with the fast pace of fashion can be tiring, but fortunately sterling silver has qualities that will always keep it aligned with the latest trend. Keeping the versatile sterling silver necklace in your jewellery wardrobe will certainly make sure you always look your best.

  • Infinite Options

Silver is relatively softer than gold and platinum, which makes it easy for jewelers to mold and experiment with it and as a result constantly new designs are there up to try. Innovation in sterling silver is in a constant state of flux. Sterling silver jewellery has a wide range of styles and designs so you’re sure to find a piece that fits your personal style. You can buy silver jewellery online and you will always certainly have a new 925 sterling piece to glam up your attire!

  • Get a dazzling jewellery collection in no time

The versatility of sterling silver jewelry makes it easy to build or upgrade your jewellery wardrobe. You can even wear the same piece for more than one occasion and it will add a classy touch no matter how differently themed dress you wear!

If you want unique high-end pieces for your collection, sterling silver is a must-have. Many creative jewelry designers use sterling silver to cast their most creative designs.

  • Easy Maintenance

The most common reason why women avoid wearing silver jewellery is tarnish. It’s disappointing to see your precious silver jewelry in a bad condition. The bad news is, any silver piece can tarnish if it is not worn often. The good news is, you can prevent your dazzling silver pieces from getting tarnished if you wear them often. Yes it’s that easy, because when you wear the jewellery the oils on your skin clean the metal.

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