Silver and white gold or platinum – these are two amazing metals that seem very similar at the first glance. But when you look deep into the qualities, they aren’t. But, what is the difference between them and which one is better?


Both metals have their own unique qualities and their price plus value vary considerably as well.

  • Qualities:
    Silver is comparatively hypo-allergenic than white gold, which makes silver ideal for jewelry wearers who suffer from metal allergies or sensitive skin. And sterling silver is best type of silver for this.
  • Value:
    Where white gold’s price depends on its components, silver is a precious metal which is an affordable metal. Silver’s affordability and quality make it ideal for even everyday wear. White gold is generally expensive. Since many wearers want a well-crafted piece without emptying their pockets, silver is more in demand than white gold.
  • Look & Feel:
    Because of white gold being an alloy, it can be found in numerous shades but silver is only found in one greyish hue. Moreover, silver is firmer which prevents it from acquiring numerous dents and scratches while being worn, whereas white gold is made up of 50% gold which makes it considerably less durable than silver.
  • Care & Maintenance:
    Gold has a unique quality to avoid oxidation from both air and moisture, hence white gold is easy to care for and requires little maintenance. On the other hand, silver can tarnish fairly easily if not stored and maintained properly. But surprisingly, silver owners prefer this look due to its vintage appearance.
  • Final Verdict: The Better Option:
    After discussing all the factors, we can see that both metals have pros and cons and deciding which one is better depends on everybody’s unique preference. People searching for something more affordable, easier to maintain and durable will likely go for silver, and people wanting to add a costly jewelry item to their jewelry wardrobe will go for white gold.

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