Silver jewelry has become very popular due to its versatility and unique appeal. But pure silver jewelry is generally expensive. If your budget doesn’t allow buying pure silver jewellery, there is an amazing alternative to it which is durable as well as affordable – Sterling silver jewelry. Along with being an amazing alternative to pure silver jewelry, it can also prove to be a practical alternative for platinum/white gold.

Silver jewellery

The reason behind sterling silver being durable is that sterling silver is a composition which contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, which may be nickel or copper. This proportion of metals gives sterling silver the quality of being shaped in a better way than pure silver which is too soft. Other than this, this unique composition enhances the sparkle and strength of the metal.

The benefits that sterling silver earrings provide over other jewelry is practicality and durability. The practical benefit of wearing sterling silver earrings is that they do not distract you as you go through the day. Other types of jewelry like bracelets or rings might distract you in your work by coming in between, but earrings stay out of your way and you can therefore concentrate better.

No matter which type of silver earrings you choose be it the minimal CZ studs, wave climber earrings or bold chandler earrings, silver earrings will attract everybody’s attention making their heads turn around as you walk.

Nowadays silver earrings have become an integral accessory to any type of attire be it casual, ethnic or formal. When looking for a meaningful and attractive alternative to gold earrings, you can certainly go for sterling silver jewelry. Moreover, most of the earring designs nowadays are unisex, so even men can stylize their look by wearing them.

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With the rapid expansion in technology and more people becoming aware about the digital world everyday, jewelry suppliers have also started making their work available online. This digital expansion has resulted in high sales of sterling silver jewelry. Among all types of silver jewellery available online, sterling silver earrings online are the most popular item among the online buyers. The high sales have consequently decreased the prices of sterling silver earrings, which is again a plus point for you to go for sterling silver earrings.

When talking about earrings, they offer a wide range of styles. Recent trends which have been seen in earrings are cuff earrings, climber earrings and the earring jackets. Sterling silver’s composition makes it easy to be crafted in the design that you want. You can also choose to buy sterling silver earrings for your loved ones as earrings also are great gifts because of being less expensive than necklaces and rings.

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