Silver is one of the precious metals that has been alluring women and men equally since ages. Silver is one such metal which can be easily blended with other metals to create a more beautiful and durable piece of jewellery. Silver sterling is one of the most prominent silver alloys which comprises/ consists  of 92.7 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Women are fond of sterling silver necklace and sterling silver earrings because they come in a wide appealing variety that caters to the requirements of every woman across the globe.


It can be challenging at times to manage sterling silver. Looking for tips on how to prevent your exquisite sterling silver necklace and sterling silver earrings from tarnishing? Here’re a few of them that you should always keep in mind while dealing with sterling silver:

  • Take good care in humid or wet conditions: It is the natural tendency of sterling silver to oxidize in humid and wet conditions. Even a slight exposure to water, body sweat, artificial chemicals and humidity can subject this metal to oxidization. So, it is better to follow a precautionary approach in such kind of conditions. Wondering, what can you do? Simply remove your sterling silver jewellery before diving into a pool or taking a shower because at such places, the metal is likely to come in close proximity with water. You also need to be careful while choosing your skin care products as chemicals in these products can also result into repercussions.
  • Say ‘no’ to rust, wear your silver more often:  Sterling silver comes up with a fascinating feature. If you don’t want to rust your jewellery any sooner, here’s a secret tip. Try to wear it more often. Adorn yourself with the lustrous pieces of silver.
  •  Keep safe distance from light: Yes, you read it right! Are you tired of looking for a way to last your sterling silver for a longer time? If yes, then here’s another tip for you.  Store your silver in dark boxes keeping it away from light and moisture and you’ll witness magic! If required, you can also keep a strip of anti-tarnish paper sheet to prevent your jewellery from tarnishing. Does it not sound like a savior?

    silver earrings 2.jpg

  •  Clean your silver: A little care of silver is necessary to keep the metal retain its lustrous properties. Before packing your silver earrings back in the jewellery boxes, it is advisable to use a dry soft cloth to clean them. If you feel that the polishing cloth is not of much help in the cleaning process, then it is advisable that you soak your silver jewellery in a lukewarm water and rub them with gentle hands to get rid of the tarnishing. But do not use this cleaning tip when your jewellery is ornamented with gemstones or any other expensive stone. Rather, take a cotton bud and brush them off softly.
  • Use a mixture of salt and baking soda to clean: Do not worry if your silver is turning green or dark-gray! Many people doubt the authenticity of sterling silver due to these chemical reactions. But this is not the case! Instead of relying on the commercial silver cleaners, it is better to take salt and baking soda in two equal parts and drop your jewellery in this mixture for sometime and then use a soft cloth to dry it.

Precaution is always  better than cure. Use these tips and let your silver sterling sparkle like a twinkling star.

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