People say that I am the perfect reflection of my mother and I couldn’t agree more. We share the same interests, hobbies, and habits. She is my first friend that I can rely on with all my secrets. We go out shopping, try new restaurants, enjoy ‘girl’s day out’ on weekends, and whatnot. Many of my friends even envy me for having such a cool mom but you know whom I envy the most? Well, it is none other than my mother. Yes, you may wonder that just a few seconds ago I was all praise for her, then why this sudden change of thoughts. But, that is true, I envy her for her amazing collection of earrings that she has treasured since she was not even married. You can find a variety of designs and patterns from studs to jhumkas to silver earrings to danglers and more. She loves picking random earrings wherever she goes and thanks to the internet that has fueled her passion more. Now, she loves to buy silver jewellery online, especially her favorite piece of ornament, i.e., earrings.

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I often request her to let me wear them on several occasions and she kindly obliges too. However, there is a set of instructions that I need to follow before I borrow any piece. She is so possessive about them that everytime I wear any of the earrings from her collection, she directs me how to take care of it and not to lose any one of them. This often gets on my nerves but then I try to step into her shoes and completely understand her reasons.

It was my birthday last month and when I received a beautifully wrapped box in my room. Of course, there is no price for guessing that it was from my parents and I rushed to open it. The moment I saw the gift, I was dumbstruck. It was my mother’s collection of earrings with some other new pieces as well. It was the first time that I saw the whole collection and must say that each of them was better than the other. From antique designs to contemporary patterns, there was nothing that was left out. Then I saw her standing there, smiling, and pleased to see me happy. I just jumped and hugged her and even shed a few tears secretly. I couldn’t thank her enough for such a memorable gift.


She told me that she has always dreamed of gifting this treasured and precious collection to her daughter all her life and this was an ideal time to do that. She was aware of my love for silver earrings too and thought to make my day special by giving me something that can bind us together. And what better option to do that than the box that I always had my eyes on. She had even explored various websites which are authentic and credible to buy silver jewellery online to add the latest & modern designs too in that collection.

I’ve always thanked God for such wonderful parents and at that moment I thought I was the luckiest daughter. Just as I was getting too emotional, I heard her instructing me on how to take care of her precious earrings. I burst out laughing and realized that some things are better never changed.

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