Every piece of bridal jewellery has its own unique role in making a girl a ‘bride’. When you visualizes a bride, you think of her adorned with all items of solah shringar from a charming maang tikka to a pair of toe rings. Isn’t it amazing how a simple accessory as a maang tikka can change the entire look of a bride. With the wedding season around the corner, we have made your task easier by compiling a list of various maang tikkas. All you have to do now is choose the one that makes you look like a Bollywood diva.

Let’s get started!

  • Oversized maang tikkas: These types of tikkas are a style statement. If you are looking for an elegant and classy look, you can go with an adorable oversized maang tikka. These tikkas are designed to spoil you for choices. From floral to circular designs, these maang tikkas add a distinctive touch to your overall bridal personality. This style is best suited for women with either a broad forehead or a broad face. Do not be ashamed of your broad features. Cover them with something as fascinating as an oversized maang tikka. Here’s a small piece of advice. Do not burden yourself with a bigger maang tikka if you are not comfortable with it.
  • Small pendant style:To most of you, small pendant style may seem a little old-fashioned. But with the changing fashion trends, it is evolved in different traditional and modern patterns designed to give you an appealing look. For those women who are not confident enough to wear large studded pieces, this type of style is a right one to pick. Wear this little piece of ornament to steal the show. You can either opt for rich tones stone tikkas or tikkas with cheerful pearls dangling at the bottom in accordance with your preferences and tastes. Say yes to a small pendant style for a dazzling look on your wedding day.
  • Jhoomar/ passa:Wondering how to defy the traditional trends? The answer to it is an eye-catchy piece of passa. Passa is different from a usual maang tikka. A maang tikka is placed at the centre of your forehead whereas a passa is an additional adornment worn on the left side of your head. Passas are a testimony of Mughal Empire. For a simple yet sophisticated look, you can embrace this new style. This type of maang tikkas brings to you a fascinating variety in designs and textures. From  pyramid to fan shape, everything is in store for you. Put this on and walk like a Mughal empress on your wedding day.
  • Multi-tier Matha Patti:An improvised variation of conventional single matha patti, a multi-tier matha patti adds a nawabi style to your expensive wedding attire. It is highly recommended for ladies with wide foreheads . However, it also does complete justice to long faces as it enhances their sharp facial features. Do not miss out this hotness. Embedded with colourful gemstones, this matha patti does not go out of fashion.
  • Silver maang tikka:Beat the golden look and stand class apart in silver maang tikka. Match the tikka with your other accessories such as silver earrings, make sure that you go silver this from head to toe. May be, this is the look you have not tried yet but it is worth giving a shot.

What are you waiting for? Immediately grab a pair of shimmering silver earrings to be in limelight in this wedding season.

Hope you found this information useful. For any suggestion or query, feel free to connect with us!

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