So, this is your first year in college and you are all set for your fresher’s party? Great, you must be really very excited. It is normal to feel such thrill. After all, college life is a great new beginning of some of the most exhilarating time of life. Now, what have you planned to wear for that evening? Umm, not yet decided? No big deal…you will get there soon. But, one thing is true for sure. Whatever you will wear, if you will couple it up with silver nose pins and silver stud earrings, then you will look stunning. Gone are the days when gold had its era. Gold still exists today, but the intensity which people express through silver jewelry is simply matchless.

Be it a fashion magazine, a travel catalogue or a business journal, you will easily trace females of all age wearing silver jewelry. This is because, silver jewelry is leading the market since some time. Silver has a charm that is matchless and its exclusive shine is so balanced that it fits into every occasion. It does not  blaze the eyes and neither it is so dim that it will get overlooked by people. There are several colours that will go well with silver. There are several attires that look stunning just because it has been teamed up with silver jewelry by the fashion icons and celebrities. This is the reason why, people are inclining more towards silver and letting go of gold and other precious metals.

Different women express themselves differently. These days, silver jewelry is running its own parade because it gives a vibe which is a graceful combination of strength, feminism and independence. In fact, the fashion trend that is being woven around silver jewelry is very futuristic. Let us understand the reasons why people are buying silver jewelry.

Silver is durable

Silver is very, very durable. No matter how many years will pass after your purchase of the silver jewelry, you will still find that jewelry piece to be just the same. In fact, some silver jewelry go up to become family heirlooms for the future!

They are evergreen

A piece of silver jewelry is very much versatile and has the potential to be compatible with any piece of clothing and colour as well. No matter which era it is, silver has not missed out on putting great and lasting impression on people, be it any age group.

Versatile in every sense

Silver is a soft metal. Hence, it becomes really hassle free for jewelers to give it a shape to fit with the current trends and demands of the trend setters and fashion industry. This is the reason why jewelers can constantly offer new and unique designs to the market. So, be it any part of jewelry, a necklace, locket, anklet, rings, bangles or toe rings, one is sure to find plenty of options under silver.

Silver is skin friendly

Different people are allergic to different metals. Some people are allergic to the metal which certain jewelry has and that is the reason why they are suggested to wear silver. It does not react with the skin. Plus, it is easy to maintain. So, a jewelry like silver stud earrings, which will stay so close the skin, will not cause any irritation or rash to the skin.

So, go out and shop silver nose pins and earrings and be the centre of attention in the fresher’s party.

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