For brick and mortar jewellery store owners, the moment a customer enters the store is where the window of opportunity opens. From negotiating to the offering discount, there are a number of tricks silver jewelers use for increasing their sales, some of which are given below –

Let them see – Don’t speak


People visit a physical store when they want to get an experience. An online customer compares the specifications of the silver earrings before ordering. On the other hand, women sitting in a jewellery store will try on the jewellery in ears, look in the mirror and then come to a buying conclusion. If any of the customers are requesting to hold the piece in hand, no matter how exquisite it is, let them touch it. The time you are showing sterling silver earrings, don’t rush. Take a pause from talking for a second to let the customers and the jewellery connect.

Jewellery Display – The function of the displays in the store is to grab the attention of the customer. To keep their eyes glued to your silver earrings, showcase your best design outside of the boxes. Use table-top counters, innovative display cases and shelves to excite the customers. The display counters should be above the belly button, a lower measurement will require them to arc down their neck. Raise the counter to 42 inches, place the hottest earring designs in fashion to highlight the best pieces.
Throw charity event – Participating in a local charity can increase your sales during the dry months. This is an underused strategy which works well for all type of jewellery business owners. Suppose a noble cause by volunteering at a charity event. You don’t necessarily need to make a donation or become a sponsor. Instead, offer every charity donor a coupon card with huge discount. The validity of the coupon should be for a minimized to a few days. Also, ask them to bring their receipt for the completion of the purchase.

SILVER green and red STONE EARRING.jpg

Don’t bore them with information – Even if you sell sterling silver earrings, telling them about the S925 hallmarking is not going to help. With the internet people have become aware of the silver purities. Unless your customers ask for the facts and figures himself, it’s best not to discuss them. The people entering your store come with a hope to find the perfect silver earrings that matches what they have in mind.

Let two representatives handle the sales – During the selling process, if one of your sales rep fails to lure the customers, the other one should take a lead. He might have a better pitch or understand the ideal design in the eyes of the customers.


Make them comfortable – Increasing the comfort of the customers is your secret to success. The longer they are in the store, the more time you get to serve them. Offer drinks and snacks. They should be pleased with your hospitality. The sitting space should have a battery charging point, water bottles and something to entertain them. Free wifi and a TV set will keep the customers waiting for their turn engaged.

Other than the above-mentioned, keep these pointers in mind –

Showcase the item outside
Have a welcoming security guard
Don’t tell the cost until they select a piece
Tell the finance option

Conclusion – Knowing the occasion for which a customer is buying sterling silver earrings is important to show them the right pair. For the jewellery store understanding the needs of a customer is the key to successful sales.


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