Do you sell glittering silver pendant jewelry? For silver jewelry store owners every day comes with both opportunities and the risk of being robbed. Most of the retail stores have an opening and closing list to ensure the business is running safely. Needless to say, by taking strict security measures you can reduce the chances of robberies. Providing a memorable experience to the customers is another priority, you should focus on.

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Below are the four procedures the owners and employees operating a silver store or showroom should follow –

Opening the store – Taking the jewelry out of the safe and placing it artistically on the display takes time. Further, the housekeeping activities are also done before the opening hours. Most of the owners open the store at least one hour before the customer’s arrival. The rush on the roads and neighbourhood is fairly low early morning. Thieves can easily break in when an employee is unlocking the door.

The key holder should be accompanied by at least one staff member. He must travel from different routes to avoid people from tracking his itinerary.

When he is unlocking the main door, the other employee should watch out for bad signs such as an unfamiliar person nearby.

After the store is opened, it should be locked from inside until the opening hours

You must not allow any person even your previous customers, to come inside the store when the salesman hasn’t reached the store.

Closing – As the closing timing is approaching the staff might be in a hurry to go home. If you have customers in the store, don’t ask them to leave the store. Let them continue shopping. Once, you have completed the sales, ask the staff to pack the jewelry. Check the number of items before placing them in safe. Is a silver bracelet missing? Watch the surveillance camera recordings of the current day. If not, you can continue with the closing. After you have emptied the displays, Mannequin and showcases, it’s time to check the restrooms, storeroom, or any other place where a thief can hide.

Ask your staff to keep on eye on the customers.

Inventory Management – It is crucial to stock silver pendant according to the demand of your customer base. An inventory management system can help you calculate the number of products sold along with the total profit, new customers acquired, etc. The small store owners depend on manual methods such as creating a record of products, assigning SKU id and adding tags by hand.

Theft Prevention – Train your staff to manage the products during sales. Ask them to separate the jewelry which they have already shown to the customers to avoid time wastage and confusion. When a salesperson is selling jewelry, another employee should be near him. He should unpack only one piece at a time. If the customer wants to try more than two silver bracelet, count the products which are out and place them on a jewelry tray. It will help you to sell the jewelry without any disorientation and chaos.

The employee should never gather at one corner of the store. Ask them to disperse around the entire showroom. A potential thief might enter as a  customer making a scene to grab the attention and gather a crowd.

Robberies –  A robbery is an unwelcome incident. At the time of robbery avoid going against the orders of the criminals. After they have left, don’t touch anything as it might erase the fingerprints of the robbers. Leave the store undisturbed. Call the police as soon as possible. If you have any witnesses other than the employee ask them to corporate in the police investigation by offering rewards.

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