Considering the prevailing jewellery trends, I bought a silver pendant online. Initially, it appeared as a good addition to my boring wardrobe, however, I could not find any way to style it. After skimming through a couple of fashion blogs, I finally discovered some interesting ways to accessorize a pendant. I guess, it is a common issue that people go through. Some fail to team it up with an outfit while others give an over dramatic effect to their pendant look. Whatever the case is, I have compiled a list of tips that will help you to flaunt a pendant in the right way:

Avoid too many Accessories: The basic rule of a pendant is to carry minimal accessories along with it. Already its size, pattern and length are enough to draw the attention. However, if you wear long danglers or an adorable pair of silver jhumkas, it may fail to leave the same dramatic effect. Rather than large accessories, go with small ornaments such as a bracelet, a ring or even a watch. Let the pendant shine and steal the show.

Mix Simplicity and Style: If you occasionally like to go all fancy, then always settle with a trendy pendant. The fanciness of this small piece may do a great job in sprucing up your casual appearance. Look for fancier options like the ones adorned with jewels, or chain with a wooden pendant. For a more formal look, settle with an orb pendant with jewels all over. Try not to dog tag pendant with a not-so-not-informal outfit. This small accessory can bring a change in your usual impression of personality.

Wear Two Necklaces of Different Lengths: Usually, I have witnessed people doubling up or even folding a necklace in multiple layers. Gone are the days when jewellery lovers opted for a single necklace. Today, it is absolutely cool to complement a long necklace with a shorter one. It can be either a choker or a chic set. A solid colour choker never goes out of fashion while the one with a lot of embellishments may be a little too much.

Experiment a Little: With the fashion senses changing by every day, there is no harm in trying something different and exciting. Have you ever thought of teaming up a longer pendant with a shorter one of a dissimilar appearance? Well, I have tried wearing more than one pendant and trust me, it added a different dimension to my physical impression. Also, abide by the fundamental rule of wearing a pendant. Do not carry two heavy pendants at the same time rather stick to a minimalistic approach.

Aren’t these styling tips great? Tell us in the comment below which one did you like the most. In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with our jewellery experts. Also, grab the latest silver pendant online and silver jhumkas from our store at best offers.

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