Here is the Difference between Sterling Silver and White Gold

When you are browsing the net to buy silver earrings online, it’s quite normal to face the dilemma that many other buyers willing to buy a sterling silver anklet , or any other sterling silver for that case, face too. Which is: what’s the difference between white gold and sterling silver? The questions is more popular than one could imagine, and continues to torment first-time buyers of sterling silver.

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So guess it’s time to settle this account for once and all by looking into the key differences the separate a sterling silver anklet from a white gold one.

White Gold

White gold is a type of colored gold that’s manufactured by alloying gold and one other white metal like nickel, silver, or palladium. The alloying is done because of two major reasons. First, pure gold (24k) is too soft for any practical purpose, so metals like nickel, nickel, zinc, etc. are mixed with to provide with the strength needed to endure the wear and tear of real-life applications. The other reason for putting other metals into gold is the color of the latter one. As pure gold’s natural hue is yellow, it’s not possible to make colored jewelry using this precious metal alone. Engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, etc. are made using gold mixed with silver and copper; silver for color and copper for extra malleability. Jewelry made using white gold is often bears a stamp of 14k, 8k, 10k, and 9k. The numerical before the English letter “k” denoted the percentage of gold by-part.

White is not the only color that goldsmiths could obtain by the alloying process. To make a piece of gold jewelry look more exotic and trendy, other colors of gold jewelry are also used. While copper and zinc are mostly used to create red or pink gold, cadmium is favored by goldsmiths for making green gold jewelry. But certain health hazards have always been reported, relating colored gold to skin troubles. Cadmium, when used to make green gold, is a highly toxic element. Nickel, used in white gold, can cause minor skin irritation for the wearer.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver, or 925 silver, is an alloy of 92.5% by weight of pure silver, and 7.5% by weight of copper. The alloying is done for the same reasons as white gold; to make silver items strong enough to bear purpose-related wear and tear. According to historical accounts, this alloy originated in Europe. Other than jewelry items, sterling silver is often used to make products like cutlery, paper clips, pots, surgical and medical instruments, musical instruments, etc. Many expert jewelry makers often oxidized sterling silver jewelry to give a permanent tarnished and edgy look to jewelry items. To achieve that, jewelry items are put into a sulfur bath. As the chemical reaction progresses, the jewelry continues to change its color throughout, to finally arrive at a certain black and grey hue.

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Different Jewellery Practices Followed Worldwide

In India, many traditions are followed blindly without any particular logic. For someone who has been practising the ancient cultures, it is imperative to learn about the history, impact and significance of such practices. Like the newborns are adorned with various jewellery items such as silver payal and silver bracelet.


It was a prehistoric practice to celebrate the arrival of new little members into families through gifting them precious decorative items. People also believed that it protected their children from evil powers. This tradition was followed across the world including Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and even different parts of Native America. Though it was not gold or silver earlier. Baby jewellery was made out of locally available things such as shells or animal hair. However, in later times, various historians and archaeologists found the traces of gold and silver crafted jewellery in different civilizations like Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman and Byzantine. Even, the Bible reveals references to jewellery for babies.

It is not a new practice for parents living in Cambodia to put tiny bells in silver strings over their little one’s ankles. This is done with two motives, one to keep an eye on the child’s activities and another to sway away any evil force. Since many centuries, African parents are straightening out the earlobes and lower lips of their wards as a part of their customs through fancy ornaments. Right from the 1300s, new parents in Italy are warding off the evil from the newborns by adorning them with coral crosses.


It was in the 17th century when the art of baby jewellery-making was tried for the first time by a plethora of European craftsmen. The craftsmen went a step ahead in developing baby jewellery. However, it was in England where this art became more popular than ever during the reign of Victoria. The commonly produced items were glittering gold or silver bracelet stamped with the ‘baby’ word.

More than often, the alphabets were crafted from enamel with an intent to add embellishments to the plain looking bracelets. Also, there are many types of jewellery that have been displayed in public museums, or that reflect a strong family bond. The present-day styles that are gaining popularity in today’s market draw inspiration from them as well.

However, in America, this tradition was practiced in unique forms. Americans offered baby pins that were basically small gold clips. They were meant to be placed instead of the buttons on the babies’ apparels. Also, Italian practice was witnessed in the 18’s and 19’s in different areas of the United States.

Aren’t you fascinated to learn about the jewellery culture followed in different parts of the world? Tell us in the comment below if you know about any other practice.


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Silver Necklace: A Timeless Gift for Every Mother

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When was the last time you gave your mother something memorable that she could cherish all her life? Let us guess, it was on her birthday or wedding anniversary or Mother’s Day, right? Many of you might not even remember the day when you made her feel special. If you are someone who hasn’t put any special effort for a long time to make your mother happy, then it’s high time that you don your thinking cap on. We know that there is no gift season approaching soon, but why we need to wait for such a day? Every mother works day and night to make our life comfortable and easy, she looks after our needs and wants, takes care of our belongings and whatnot. Honestly, she deserves to be treated special every single day and what’s better option to do so than buying her a timeless gift that every woman loves. We are talking about a gorgeous neck piece that will bring a smile to your mom’s face. You can find a perfect silver necklace online depending on her choice and dressing style.

You can get a plethora of gift ideas on the internet and trust us, some of them are simply so overwhelming that you might get lost in all the shine and glitter of the jewellery piece. Of course, making such decisions will be a way too complicated for sons than daughters but little help from someone who has knowledge about ornaments will be good to pick the perfect item.

You can go for a vintage neck piece that goes well with sarees and are the perfect choice for formal gatherings. There is a memorial silver necklace too that are available online with engraved messages. You can pick one of them so that she can keep your memory close to heart for lifetime and feel your presence around always. If your mother likes more of a traditional look than a modern one, then gift her something classy and ethnic with shine and glitter that has traditional carving and can be donned with lehenga, saree or suit to family weddings and ceremonies. Check her collection once to get assured what she already has so that you don’t buy the same piece again. Also, this will give you a clear idea of her taste in jewellery and you can determine what new she can try.

So, do not dilly-dally and buy a beautiful silver necklace online now. Rest assured that it will be well appreciated and well received. More than anything else, it will be your effort and thought that will make your mother happiest. If you want, you can give a little personal touch to the gift by getting it customized to match her taste.

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Benefits of Wearing Silver Anklets

Silver Antique Polish Payal.jpg

The versatility which can be observed in silver jewellery is unique and amazing. It has significant health benefits and it also has a proven track record as a powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections. Silver jewellery is extremely subtle and appealing. Ornaments made of silver such as silver anklets, earrings, bracelets are enduring piece of jewellery and gives you an unique appearance. Silver jewelry has gained a lot of popularity due to availability of variety of designs in silver. Silver payal is the most amazing ornament as you can wear it anytime and anywhere you want.

Women are fond of anklets and you can grab amazing silver payal online. This beautiful jewellery not only adorns feet, it has also numerous health benefits. Some of the benefits of wearing silver anklets are :

  • These anklets can make you feel more energetic and it is said that one’s energy does not get wasted and can also get re-vibrated back to ones body. It is the best way of looking beautiful and saying energetic at the same time. It also has great social significance in the Indian culture.
  • It can also help you to get rid of your leg pain. If you are experiencing pain, tingling and numbness on your legs then wearing anklets can be extremely helpful. These anklets have the ability to provide you with a lot of positive energy.
  • Anklets not only produce the melodious sound, it can also activate the lymph glands which helps in boosting the immunity of the women. Thus we can very well say that they are more than just the accessories.
  • Anklets are adorable ornaments for your feet and if you regularly complaints about swollen heels then wearing anklet can help you in that as well. This is the beautiful jewelry which regulates blood circulation which helps to cure the swollen heels.

Silver anklets are also considered to be an auspicious gift for the new brides in India. It has wide range of unique designs and patterns available in the market. Wearing them can have several health benefits and they are the most enduring piece. Gold is the typical choice of people out of many gems in the market but nowadays people consider silver jewellery as more valuable and appealing than gold. Anklets look extremely rich and popular. Wearing anklets gives us the sense of pride. Silver is for every special occasion of your life. Wearing silver can make you feel energetic. You can wear anklets anywhere and anytime you want.

Durability is another important thing which fascinates masses to buy silver jewellery. It is a timeless piece of jewellery and it never goes outdated. It’s has simply the most amazing designs and patterns. This is the sparking piece of silver jewellery which has power to make every woman feel special. You can buy silver payal online as silver is the most preferred metal these days. It looks very trendy and fashionable. So don’t wait and grab these amazing piece of jewellery online.

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Reasons to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry

Women are passionate about jewelry and wearing silver jewelry gives them the confidence. Everywhere in the world women are wearing an ample variety of jewelry in the world. Silver jewelry looks gorgeous and amazing. Whether it is about necklace, bracelets or earrings jewelry is extremely popular. The fact is that jewelry has always been an important part in women’s life. You can get silver pendant which looks amazing on a woman and it goes well with every outfit. You can also buy sterling silver rings online. They come in wide variety and designs.

Silver jewellery

One cannot explain the fact that why Indian women loves jewelry so much. The popularity of jewelry is increasing with the passage of time as many designs and styles are coming in the market. Since centuries women use jewelry for their adornment. There are different items in jewelry such as rings, bracelets, anklets, pendants and many more. Pendants and rings are the most popular fashion accessories among women.

Silver jewelry is one of the most precious gift you can gift it to someone. Jewelry is different for different occasions. For occasions such as wedding people prefer heavy jewelry but usually they go with the simple and elegant pendant for daily wear. Silver ring also has its own importance it is said that wearing it can give positive energy and can create positive impact on your life.

Silver has many significant health benefits, it is the powerful antimicrobial agent fighting infections. There are several positive aspects of wearing silver ornaments. Pendants and rings are the most beautiful and unique ornaments. Sterling silver is used in every type of jewelry whether it is a pendant or a ring, it enhances the beauty and creates the timeless and trendy look. There are many benefits of wearing sterling silver jewelry. It is very durable and can last you lifetime. Some people think that sterling silver jewelry is too expensive but the extra cost is more than worth it. Sterling silver has gained a lot of popularity. Silver pendants is also very classy and trendy.

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The women who loves to wear latest fashion trends than sterling silver is the best choice. The most important benefit is that you can choose from variety of options. There are endless options available for you. This will help you to completely build and upgrade your jewelry collection. It is not just popular with customers but also popular with designers. There are many designs and styles available.

If you want to look different then buy sterling silver rings online, it will give you an amazing and classy look. So don’t wait and buy the most amazing collection of silver jewelry.