4 Interesting Ways to Style a Plain-looking Pendant

Considering the prevailing jewellery trends, I bought a silver pendant online. Initially, it appeared as a good addition to my boring wardrobe, however, I could not find any way to style it. After skimming through a couple of fashion blogs, I finally discovered some interesting ways to accessorize a pendant. I guess, it is a common issue that people go through. Some fail to team it up with an outfit while others give an over dramatic effect to their pendant look. Whatever the case is, I have compiled a list of tips that will help you to flaunt a pendant in the right way:

Avoid too many Accessories: The basic rule of a pendant is to carry minimal accessories along with it. Already its size, pattern and length are enough to draw the attention. However, if you wear long danglers or an adorable pair of silver jhumkas, it may fail to leave the same dramatic effect. Rather than large accessories, go with small ornaments such as a bracelet, a ring or even a watch. Let the pendant shine and steal the show.

Mix Simplicity and Style: If you occasionally like to go all fancy, then always settle with a trendy pendant. The fanciness of this small piece may do a great job in sprucing up your casual appearance. Look for fancier options like the ones adorned with jewels, or chain with a wooden pendant. For a more formal look, settle with an orb pendant with jewels all over. Try not to dog tag pendant with a not-so-not-informal outfit. This small accessory can bring a change in your usual impression of personality.

Wear Two Necklaces of Different Lengths: Usually, I have witnessed people doubling up or even folding a necklace in multiple layers. Gone are the days when jewellery lovers opted for a single necklace. Today, it is absolutely cool to complement a long necklace with a shorter one. It can be either a choker or a chic set. A solid colour choker never goes out of fashion while the one with a lot of embellishments may be a little too much.

Experiment a Little: With the fashion senses changing by every day, there is no harm in trying something different and exciting. Have you ever thought of teaming up a longer pendant with a shorter one of a dissimilar appearance? Well, I have tried wearing more than one pendant and trust me, it added a different dimension to my physical impression. Also, abide by the fundamental rule of wearing a pendant. Do not carry two heavy pendants at the same time rather stick to a minimalistic approach.

Aren’t these styling tips great? Tell us in the comment below which one did you like the most. In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with our jewellery experts. Also, grab the latest silver pendant online and silver jhumkas from our store at best offers.

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Four Necessary Procedures for Running Silver Jewelry Stores

Do you sell glittering silver pendant jewelry? For silver jewelry store owners every day comes with both opportunities and the risk of being robbed. Most of the retail stores have an opening and closing list to ensure the business is running safely. Needless to say, by taking strict security measures you can reduce the chances of robberies. Providing a memorable experience to the customers is another priority, you should focus on.

dragon bracelets 3.jpg

Below are the four procedures the owners and employees operating a silver store or showroom should follow –

Opening the store – Taking the jewelry out of the safe and placing it artistically on the display takes time. Further, the housekeeping activities are also done before the opening hours. Most of the owners open the store at least one hour before the customer’s arrival. The rush on the roads and neighbourhood is fairly low early morning. Thieves can easily break in when an employee is unlocking the door.

The key holder should be accompanied by at least one staff member. He must travel from different routes to avoid people from tracking his itinerary.

When he is unlocking the main door, the other employee should watch out for bad signs such as an unfamiliar person nearby.

After the store is opened, it should be locked from inside until the opening hours

You must not allow any person even your previous customers, to come inside the store when the salesman hasn’t reached the store.

Closing – As the closing timing is approaching the staff might be in a hurry to go home. If you have customers in the store, don’t ask them to leave the store. Let them continue shopping. Once, you have completed the sales, ask the staff to pack the jewelry. Check the number of items before placing them in safe. Is a silver bracelet missing? Watch the surveillance camera recordings of the current day. If not, you can continue with the closing. After you have emptied the displays, Mannequin and showcases, it’s time to check the restrooms, storeroom, or any other place where a thief can hide.

Ask your staff to keep on eye on the customers.

Inventory Management – It is crucial to stock silver pendant according to the demand of your customer base. An inventory management system can help you calculate the number of products sold along with the total profit, new customers acquired, etc. The small store owners depend on manual methods such as creating a record of products, assigning SKU id and adding tags by hand.

Theft Prevention – Train your staff to manage the products during sales. Ask them to separate the jewelry which they have already shown to the customers to avoid time wastage and confusion. When a salesperson is selling jewelry, another employee should be near him. He should unpack only one piece at a time. If the customer wants to try more than two silver bracelet, count the products which are out and place them on a jewelry tray. It will help you to sell the jewelry without any disorientation and chaos.

The employee should never gather at one corner of the store. Ask them to disperse around the entire showroom. A potential thief might enter as a  customer making a scene to grab the attention and gather a crowd.

Robberies –  A robbery is an unwelcome incident. At the time of robbery avoid going against the orders of the criminals. After they have left, don’t touch anything as it might erase the fingerprints of the robbers. Leave the store undisturbed. Call the police as soon as possible. If you have any witnesses other than the employee ask them to corporate in the police investigation by offering rewards.

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4 Ways to Identify the Real 925 Silver Jewelry


Jewelry does not come cheap and one has to spend a fortune to acquire even a simple piece of accessory made of gold, diamond or even silver for that matter. When one spends money to buy jewelry that looks stunning and lustrous, he/she expects it to be a wise investment. However, there are times when they get fake or sub-standard products from the shopkeeper. If the seller is credible and genuine, then you can get the return instantly but if you buy from someone who is not trustworthy, then you might have to face a huge loss. Some people think that the same is not the case with silver jewelry as they are not that expensive. Well, this is a complete misconception that buyers have and they often become careless while they buy silver jewelry online. Today, we are going to discuss a few tests that will tell you the authenticity of the silver jewelry. Before we start, make sure that you buy an accessory from a reliable seller who provides you with receipt or bill and will exchange the product in case it is flawed. Now, let’s get started with the test:

Hallmark Test

There will always be a hallmark on sterling silver jewelry to identify the piece as real or fake. Check for the mark 925, Ster, Sterling Silver, .925, STG. Silver jewelry adds elegance and class to your look, so it is better to be a little cautious while you buy the piece.

Magnet Test

This is a test that can help you find the authenticity of your jewelry in an instant. You will need a strong rare-earth magnet that is made out of neodymium. Pure silver is paramagnetic and has weak magnetic effects. So, when you will bring silver jewelry close to the magnet and the former gets attracted towards the latter, it is the clear indication of impurity. There are several metals that look like silver and also do not stick to a magnet. So, it is better to do other tests along with this one to ensure only genuine piece.

Nitric Acid Test

Before you do this test, we would suggest you wear goggles and gloves for protection. Now, you will need nitric acid and put some of its drops on your 925 silver jewelry. As soon as it will come in contact with the chemical, it will lose its colour and turn green. This is due to the high copper content in the acid that discolours the items made of fake metal. Therefore, this is an apt test to test the genuineness. In case jewelry is made from real silver, the part where you drop the nitric acid will turn creamy without causing any damage to the product.

Cloth Test

Here is the last and the easiest of all to help you differentiate between the real and fake silver jewelry. Take a clean white cloth and rub it on the piece made of sterling silver. If the cloth turns black, then you can be assured that it is made of real metal because real silver oxidized when exposed to air. This causes tarnishing that make black spots on the cloth.

These points will help you save yourself a lot of time and trouble in future and make the wise purchase decision. If you buy silver jewelry online, then opt for the website that is known for its credibility and reliability.

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How Sell More Silver Earrings In Your Retail Store

For brick and mortar jewellery store owners, the moment a customer enters the store is where the window of opportunity opens. From negotiating to the offering discount, there are a number of tricks silver jewelers use for increasing their sales, some of which are given below –

Let them see – Don’t speak


People visit a physical store when they want to get an experience. An online customer compares the specifications of the silver earrings before ordering. On the other hand, women sitting in a jewellery store will try on the jewellery in ears, look in the mirror and then come to a buying conclusion. If any of the customers are requesting to hold the piece in hand, no matter how exquisite it is, let them touch it. The time you are showing sterling silver earrings, don’t rush. Take a pause from talking for a second to let the customers and the jewellery connect.

Jewellery Display – The function of the displays in the store is to grab the attention of the customer. To keep their eyes glued to your silver earrings, showcase your best design outside of the boxes. Use table-top counters, innovative display cases and shelves to excite the customers. The display counters should be above the belly button, a lower measurement will require them to arc down their neck. Raise the counter to 42 inches, place the hottest earring designs in fashion to highlight the best pieces.
Throw charity event – Participating in a local charity can increase your sales during the dry months. This is an underused strategy which works well for all type of jewellery business owners. Suppose a noble cause by volunteering at a charity event. You don’t necessarily need to make a donation or become a sponsor. Instead, offer every charity donor a coupon card with huge discount. The validity of the coupon should be for a minimized to a few days. Also, ask them to bring their receipt for the completion of the purchase.

SILVER green and red STONE EARRING.jpg

Don’t bore them with information – Even if you sell sterling silver earrings, telling them about the S925 hallmarking is not going to help. With the internet people have become aware of the silver purities. Unless your customers ask for the facts and figures himself, it’s best not to discuss them. The people entering your store come with a hope to find the perfect silver earrings that matches what they have in mind.

Let two representatives handle the sales – During the selling process, if one of your sales rep fails to lure the customers, the other one should take a lead. He might have a better pitch or understand the ideal design in the eyes of the customers.


Make them comfortable – Increasing the comfort of the customers is your secret to success. The longer they are in the store, the more time you get to serve them. Offer drinks and snacks. They should be pleased with your hospitality. The sitting space should have a battery charging point, water bottles and something to entertain them. Free wifi and a TV set will keep the customers waiting for their turn engaged.

Other than the above-mentioned, keep these pointers in mind –

Showcase the item outside
Have a welcoming security guard
Don’t tell the cost until they select a piece
Tell the finance option

Conclusion – Knowing the occasion for which a customer is buying sterling silver earrings is important to show them the right pair. For the jewellery store understanding the needs of a customer is the key to successful sales.

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4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

Attending a wedding this summer? Looking for ear jewelry that can elevate your style quotient? Whether you are searching for a chic design that can become a wow factor in your overall look or an earring that highlights your facial features, silver earrings are a great choice. The precious metal costs lower than its other counterparts (gold and platinum).

If you are planning to purchase earrings soon, here are the top designs you should look for –

Hoop – These are circular earrings which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main element of the hoops are the embellished stones. Basically, the hoop can be classified into two: plain and embellished. The plain hoops are minimalistic which no decorative elements. However, it might have intricate patterns carved in form of straight hand curved lines. Simple hoops consist of only a clasp and round tube.

If you fancy fuller design hoops studded with diamonds, pearls and other stones is your perfect fit. In case you have a bigger budget you can opt for halo diamond hoops. The micro paves setting create a line of diamonds, embedded one after the other.

Studs – A stud is a small earring which is secured at the back of earlobe. Silver designs created from wire-like thin elements. These can form beautiful motifs on the top surface of the studs. Single stone studs are a prime choice for daily wear jewelry, as they can be worn at both home and school. To add sophistication, you can choose a sterling silver earrings with charms.

Want to buy ear jewelry that compliments your dress? You can choose a multi-stone pair.

If you are on a tight-budget search for stores that offer zircon jewelry. Zircon is non-precious stones which can add more shine to your earrings.

Jhumkas- The ethnic sterling silver earrings is ageless, it will never go out of fashion. Defining what a Jhumka means is quite impossible with the huge variety of Jhumka designs emerged over the years. It is a long earring with a dome-shaped hanging structure. The top position is small and covers the earlobe while a string is used to connect the bells.

Dangles – As the name suggests the silver earring swing back and forth. From the hook of the earring single or multiple chains of metal hangs down the ear. The large dangles can be as long as to touch your shoulders. A dangle adds more length; it is suitable for women and girls with a round and chubby face.

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