How Sell More Silver Earrings In Your Retail Store

For brick and mortar jewellery store owners, the moment a customer enters the store is where the window of opportunity opens. From negotiating to the offering discount, there are a number of tricks silver jewelers use for increasing their sales, some of which are given below –

Let them see – Don’t speak


People visit a physical store when they want to get an experience. An online customer compares the specifications of the silver earrings before ordering. On the other hand, women sitting in a jewellery store will try on the jewellery in ears, look in the mirror and then come to a buying conclusion. If any of the customers are requesting to hold the piece in hand, no matter how exquisite it is, let them touch it. The time you are showing sterling silver earrings, don’t rush. Take a pause from talking for a second to let the customers and the jewellery connect.

Jewellery Display – The function of the displays in the store is to grab the attention of the customer. To keep their eyes glued to your silver earrings, showcase your best design outside of the boxes. Use table-top counters, innovative display cases and shelves to excite the customers. The display counters should be above the belly button, a lower measurement will require them to arc down their neck. Raise the counter to 42 inches, place the hottest earring designs in fashion to highlight the best pieces.
Throw charity event – Participating in a local charity can increase your sales during the dry months. This is an underused strategy which works well for all type of jewellery business owners. Suppose a noble cause by volunteering at a charity event. You don’t necessarily need to make a donation or become a sponsor. Instead, offer every charity donor a coupon card with huge discount. The validity of the coupon should be for a minimized to a few days. Also, ask them to bring their receipt for the completion of the purchase.

SILVER green and red STONE EARRING.jpg

Don’t bore them with information – Even if you sell sterling silver earrings, telling them about the S925 hallmarking is not going to help. With the internet people have become aware of the silver purities. Unless your customers ask for the facts and figures himself, it’s best not to discuss them. The people entering your store come with a hope to find the perfect silver earrings that matches what they have in mind.

Let two representatives handle the sales – During the selling process, if one of your sales rep fails to lure the customers, the other one should take a lead. He might have a better pitch or understand the ideal design in the eyes of the customers.


Make them comfortable – Increasing the comfort of the customers is your secret to success. The longer they are in the store, the more time you get to serve them. Offer drinks and snacks. They should be pleased with your hospitality. The sitting space should have a battery charging point, water bottles and something to entertain them. Free wifi and a TV set will keep the customers waiting for their turn engaged.

Other than the above-mentioned, keep these pointers in mind –

Showcase the item outside
Have a welcoming security guard
Don’t tell the cost until they select a piece
Tell the finance option

Conclusion – Knowing the occasion for which a customer is buying sterling silver earrings is important to show them the right pair. For the jewellery store understanding the needs of a customer is the key to successful sales.


4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

Attending a wedding this summer? Looking for ear jewelry that can elevate your style quotient? Whether you are searching for a chic design that can become a wow factor in your overall look or an earring that highlights your facial features, silver earrings are a great choice. The precious metal costs lower than its other counterparts (gold and platinum).

If you are planning to purchase earrings soon, here are the top designs you should look for –

Hoop – These are circular earrings which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main element of the hoops are the embellished stones. Basically, the hoop can be classified into two: plain and embellished. The plain hoops are minimalistic which no decorative elements. However, it might have intricate patterns carved in form of straight hand curved lines. Simple hoops consist of only a clasp and round tube.

If you fancy fuller design hoops studded with diamonds, pearls and other stones is your perfect fit. In case you have a bigger budget you can opt for halo diamond hoops. The micro paves setting create a line of diamonds, embedded one after the other.

Studs – A stud is a small earring which is secured at the back of earlobe. Silver designs created from wire-like thin elements. These can form beautiful motifs on the top surface of the studs. Single stone studs are a prime choice for daily wear jewelry, as they can be worn at both home and school. To add sophistication, you can choose a sterling silver earrings with charms.

Want to buy ear jewelry that compliments your dress? You can choose a multi-stone pair.

If you are on a tight-budget search for stores that offer zircon jewelry. Zircon is non-precious stones which can add more shine to your earrings.

Jhumkas- The ethnic sterling silver earrings is ageless, it will never go out of fashion. Defining what a Jhumka means is quite impossible with the huge variety of Jhumka designs emerged over the years. It is a long earring with a dome-shaped hanging structure. The top position is small and covers the earlobe while a string is used to connect the bells.

Dangles – As the name suggests the silver earring swing back and forth. From the hook of the earring single or multiple chains of metal hangs down the ear. The large dangles can be as long as to touch your shoulders. A dangle adds more length; it is suitable for women and girls with a round and chubby face.

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Fashion Tips to Wear Jhumkas With Grace And Style

Jewellery is an integral part of one’s personality. Choosing the right set of ornaments can add a touch of beauty and charm to your overall style. Women have a hard time shopping for jewellery that not only looks classy but also elegant. Jhumkas are a timeless piece of jewellery. No matter how many earrings you’ve in your collection, it is always incomplete without a traditional pair of jhumkas. In case, you’re confused as which style of jhumkas will suit you, then we’re here to help you out.

silver stone jhumkas

Here’re some latest jhumkas that you wouldn’t like to miss out:

Long Silver Jhumkas:

Designed for women of all age, an adorable pair of long silver jhumkas lets you survive many occasions of your life. Be it a casual get-together or a cocktail party, you can put them on for a more traditional look. Team them up with a trendy salwar kameez or an embroidered saree. If you are settling with small jhumkas, then you can balance them out with bangles. Adorn yourself with light-weighted accessories and flaunt your jhumkas with confidence.

Simple Trinket:

This type of jhumkas is the right mix of fashion and simplicity. Best suited with a traditional outfit such as a lehenga choli or a crop top short, trinkets are considered as a conventional style of jhumkas. Fora girl, it is essentially necessary to have matching earrings for every outfit. This new style can get you through many formal happenings. To meet the ever-evolving trends and patterns, craftsmen and artisans have introduced a diverse variety of these jhumkas. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on silver jhumkas online.


Semi-jhumkas are easy to carry as well as stylish. If you are not comfortable with the heavy earrings, then this is what you’re looking for. There is nothing that defines the statement that beauty lies in simplicity better than them. Due to its unique shape, it is also known as half-jhumkas. To spruce up your look and appearance, wear them with casual kurti or simple-looking sarees.

Colourful jhumkas:

There was a time when jhumkas were made out of silver and gold. However, in modern time, there is a plethora of jhumkas that is ruling the hearts of jewellery lovers. One of them is a colourful jhumkas. A manifestation of rich American diamonds and semi-precious gemstones, these jhumkas are designed considering the different fashion requirements in mind. If you are tired of those old black and white jhumkas ,it’s time to buy these gold and silver jhumkas online.

Grab a pair of jhumkas that can steal the show for you. For more fashion updates and tips, stay tuned with us.

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Online Silver Jhumkas Buying Guide for Beginners

Whether it’s a wedding, friend’s party or a small family celebration; silver jhumka is an accessory that’s make you dazzled in the eyes of everyone. Jhumka earring is a must-have piece of jewelry for every Indian women.

How do you know whether a jhumka will look good on you without trying it on? At times you purchase a earring from the local market you can try it before finalizing the deal. Try at home facility is offered only by the a few brands.

This is where you need a silver jhumkas online buying guide.

  1. Facial shape

Based on your facial shape you can choose a jhuma that balances the overall look. The girls with a long face should choose dom-shaped and half-moon designs. The broader designs make their face look less lean, giving a better appearance. For round facial shape the long and sleek jhumkas are recommended.

To choose the right earring you will first have to determine the shape of your face.

  1. Attire

If you are purchasing the silver jhumkas for a special occasion, it’s  importance your jewelry compliment the attire. The colour of the jhuma should bend with the outfit otherwise you could end up making a fashion blunder.

For ethnic attires like a saree, suit or lehenga the jhumkas with traditional designs such as motifs is ideal. For indo-western and western outfit a contemporary style is preferable.

  1. Occasion

When are your going to wear them? This question will help you pick the jewelry that you can wear without going over the board. If you are attending a formal celebration with your office team, buy smaller jhumkas. They will give you a minimalistic look .

You will make a fashion statement without getting the awkward stares.

  1.  Jewelry Store

Don’t order a jewelry without looking at the details and specifications of the jewelry. Along with the price the silver quality, weight, product dimensions, and stone used must be mentioned.

Here are some points you must keep in mind for a good online jewellery shopping experience –

  • Check the return and shipping policy.
  • In case you are making a big purchase read the T & C of their services.
  • Look for reviews.

It will help you find a silver jhumkas online store which offer great customer satisfaction.

If you don’t have the time to conduct a research yourself, you can filter jhumkas from the best seller list on amazon, etsy and other jewelry selling portal.

The best selling products are highly valued by existing customers.

  1. Quality & Price

Silver being a semi-precious metal comes in varieties. Low-quality silver can cause skin allergies. 92.5 %  concentration of silver (called Sterling silver) serves best for jewelry making purpose while the higher purities increases the fragility of the metal.

The jeweler will add extra cost for the other embellishments like gemstones. The total cost is the sum of making a charge, the price of silver( as per the day’s cost) and gemstone. If the gemstones are real the jewelers are likely to upload a certification.

Conclusion – For an ideal silver jhumkas online purchase knowing which design will suit your face and compliment you dress is crucial. The above-mentioned guide with help you buy jhumkas which are the right fit for you.

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Five Earring Styles That Probably You’re Missing Out

An adorable pair of earrings has the potential to change your facial looks and appearance. Often, I take off my expensive diamonds to wear other earrings that add newness to my dull days. With a plethora of fashion accessories making an appearance in the market, it is a tricky choice to pick the best designs of jewellery.


If you are someone who is fond of keeping pace with the changing styles, then here’re the latest patterns of earrings that you cannot afford to miss out:

Traditional jhumkas: Be it a lehenga or a saree, traditional jhumkas perfectly go with every type of outfit. This type of jhumkas is designed in accordance with the latest jewellery trends and patterns. Amongst others, umbrella design jhumkas are setting a vogue in the fashion world. If you are looking for a flawless finishing touch, lay your hands on oxidized or antique designer jhumkas at online stores. They are available in different embellishments from rich-looking stones to pearls. This jhumkas aptly justify the statement that simplicity is the greatest sophistication.

Stylish gold earrings: Gold rarely goes out of fashion. Crafted in creative and distinctive designs, these stylish gold earrings add an extra layer of charm to your overall personality. Whether it is a casual or a traditional life occasion, this is always a yes-to-shop. Grab an adorable pair of these shimmering earrings, and dress up like a Bollywood Diva from head to toe.


Silver earrings: If you are obsessed with silver, then here’s good news for you.  The experienced designers present to you an ample choice in silver. From an exquisite pair of silver earrings to luminous sterling silver earrings, the market has it all.  To meet the ever-evolving fashion requirements, 925 Silver Jaipur brings to you an exclusive variety of silver jewellery that largely differs on the basis of designs, patterns and making. I highly recommend visiting their online store to get a sleek peek into their glittering silver collection.

Trendy diamond earrings: Referred to as her best friend, diamond holds a special place in a woman’s heart. An interesting variation in diamond,  designer diamond earrings are giving a new meaning to the words ‘style and passion.’ The best part about these earrings is the jhumka look that adds a surprise element to them. If you are fond of diamonds, I’m sure that you would love them too.


Earrings for Brides: Gold is an integral part of our Indian traditions and cultures. Created by creative and skilful artisans, bridal designer earrings have been a saviour for many Indian brides. With the wedding season around the corner, it’s time to shop for pieces of jewellery.

Fashion experts from 925 Silver Jaipur say that besides gold, silver is one of the most sought-after ornaments in the market. Immediately buy the latest designs of silver earrings from their online store.

Tell us in the comment box below as which pair of earrings did you liked the most.

Hope you found this blog informative. In case of any query or assistance, feel free to connect with us.

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