Different Jewellery Practices Followed Worldwide

In India, many traditions are followed blindly without any particular logic. For someone who has been practising the ancient cultures, it is imperative to learn about the history, impact and significance of such practices. Like the newborns are adorned with various jewellery items such as silver payal and silver bracelet.


It was a prehistoric practice to celebrate the arrival of new little members into families through gifting them precious decorative items. People also believed that it protected their children from evil powers. This tradition was followed across the world including Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe and even different parts of Native America. Though it was not gold or silver earlier. Baby jewellery was made out of locally available things such as shells or animal hair. However, in later times, various historians and archaeologists found the traces of gold and silver crafted jewellery in different civilizations like Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman and Byzantine. Even, the Bible reveals references to jewellery for babies.

It is not a new practice for parents living in Cambodia to put tiny bells in silver strings over their little one’s ankles. This is done with two motives, one to keep an eye on the child’s activities and another to sway away any evil force. Since many centuries, African parents are straightening out the earlobes and lower lips of their wards as a part of their customs through fancy ornaments. Right from the 1300s, new parents in Italy are warding off the evil from the newborns by adorning them with coral crosses.


It was in the 17th century when the art of baby jewellery-making was tried for the first time by a plethora of European craftsmen. The craftsmen went a step ahead in developing baby jewellery. However, it was in England where this art became more popular than ever during the reign of Victoria. The commonly produced items were glittering gold or silver bracelet stamped with the ‘baby’ word.

More than often, the alphabets were crafted from enamel with an intent to add embellishments to the plain looking bracelets. Also, there are many types of jewellery that have been displayed in public museums, or that reflect a strong family bond. The present-day styles that are gaining popularity in today’s market draw inspiration from them as well.

However, in America, this tradition was practiced in unique forms. Americans offered baby pins that were basically small gold clips. They were meant to be placed instead of the buttons on the babies’ apparels. Also, Italian practice was witnessed in the 18’s and 19’s in different areas of the United States.

Aren’t you fascinated to learn about the jewellery culture followed in different parts of the world? Tell us in the comment below if you know about any other practice.

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Celebrate your Friendversary with silver jewelry

They say that a friendship that lasts more than seven years has the chances of lasting a lifetime. So, if you are going to celebrate your 8th Friendversary with your best friend then you must make it really very special. If your best friend has a habit of collecting the best of jewelry then why do not you help her to have some more attractive jewelry at her kitty? You will definitely agree that jewelry made up of silver are preferred more this season than the jewelry that is made up with gold, diamonds and platinum. So search for some silver necklace online for your bestie in order to brighten up the day even more. Apart from the jewelry what else have you planned for her? If in case you want to bake a cake for her, then even that is a great idea. You can bake the cake of her favourite flavour. If in case it is chocolate then you can add chocolate bars, five stars, gems and more.

Buying her a dress that will look great with the order of the silver necklace online is another thing that you can do. Silver jewelry is extremely versatile no doubt. Anyone can carry it. Be it a female or a male, silver jewelry could be spotted on everyone nowadays in some form or the other. Look at the celebrities…they are noticed to carry silver jewelry very frequently these days. Be it a nose pin or jhumkas, silver seems to rule the jewelry market really well these days.

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Outfits that you can carry in a party will be complimented really well by silver jhumkas. With jhumkas, we do not mean thick and heavy styled ones. With the essence of modern design combined with the charm of traditional touches, jhumkas that you will be able to find online are simply the ones with the ability make heads turn around. In fact, even if someone wishes to wear a saree with the silver jewelry, it will look great as well. So, do not delay to place your order for some stunning silver jhumkas online along with the one stunning necklace that will bring out the beauty of your bestie even more.

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Silver jewellery.jpg

Accessory such as jewelry truly completes the outfit and enhances the appearance of the women. Everywhere in the world women are wearing jewelry with different designs and styles as they feel that accessory is the great way of expression. If you want to look the best on every occasion then you can buy silver pendant online and you can even style it with silver bracelet. There is a great variety of different designs with amazing style and are very unique and attractive. It is one of the best gift which anybody can give to their loved ones.

Jewelry is very fashionable and yet it is a symbol of prestige for a women. It highlights the personality women and brings out the best features when wearing the right jewelry on the right occasion. Wearing too much of jewelry can also ruin the outfit and the look. Overdoing it can also look very hideous. So you have to be careful while choosing the jewelry, silver jewelry on women looks very graceful and elegant. Silver is considered as perfect adornment, an accessory which brings out beauty. Every piece of jewelry worn by a person has certain significance, buying certain pieces of jewelry on different occasions. Silver ornaments is something which you can gift someone on auspicious occasion. Most Indians believe in gifting  silver ornaments, as a very precious gift which comes in different designs and styles. Traditional silver jewelry and its uniqueness is very fascinating for people. A simple pendant paired with some amazing pair of earrings. It is the cultural uniqueness which has made the silver jewelry extremely desired. India is a land of vibrant colors. It is an accessory which brings out beauty. India jewelry is very famous for its intricately designed traditional jewelry. Traditional jewelry crafted in silver looks extremely rich and vibrant. While wearing a jewelry one should keep in mind how will it look with the particular outfit. You should wear something that compliments your style. A silver bracelet looks very stylish and go with almost every outfit. It is a form of self expression, it shows your personality and style.They are enduring piece and they can be worn anytime and anywhere you want. They look beautiful and luster make silver a beautiful choice. Silver has an important use that it is silver ions and compound can kill bacteria, algae, and fungi therefore silver can also helps to purify, sanitize, and filter water. Sterling silver is the standard for beautiful high quality silver jewelry. You can buy silver pendant online to enhance the look of your outfit. Ornaments made of silver, such as rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, nose rings, earrings, toe rings, heavy kadas, and armlets, form integral part of Indian jewelry.