4 Ways to Identify the Real 925 Silver Jewelry


Jewelry does not come cheap and one has to spend a fortune to acquire even a simple piece of accessory made of gold, diamond or even silver for that matter. When one spends money to buy jewelry that looks stunning and lustrous, he/she expects it to be a wise investment. However, there are times when they get fake or sub-standard products from the shopkeeper. If the seller is credible and genuine, then you can get the return instantly but if you buy from someone who is not trustworthy, then you might have to face a huge loss. Some people think that the same is not the case with silver jewelry as they are not that expensive. Well, this is a complete misconception that buyers have and they often become careless while they buy silver jewelry online. Today, we are going to discuss a few tests that will tell you the authenticity of the silver jewelry. Before we start, make sure that you buy an accessory from a reliable seller who provides you with receipt or bill and will exchange the product in case it is flawed. Now, let’s get started with the test:

Hallmark Test

There will always be a hallmark on sterling silver jewelry to identify the piece as real or fake. Check for the mark 925, Ster, Sterling Silver, .925, STG. Silver jewelry adds elegance and class to your look, so it is better to be a little cautious while you buy the piece.

Magnet Test

This is a test that can help you find the authenticity of your jewelry in an instant. You will need a strong rare-earth magnet that is made out of neodymium. Pure silver is paramagnetic and has weak magnetic effects. So, when you will bring silver jewelry close to the magnet and the former gets attracted towards the latter, it is the clear indication of impurity. There are several metals that look like silver and also do not stick to a magnet. So, it is better to do other tests along with this one to ensure only genuine piece.

Nitric Acid Test

Before you do this test, we would suggest you wear goggles and gloves for protection. Now, you will need nitric acid and put some of its drops on your 925 silver jewelry. As soon as it will come in contact with the chemical, it will lose its colour and turn green. This is due to the high copper content in the acid that discolours the items made of fake metal. Therefore, this is an apt test to test the genuineness. In case jewelry is made from real silver, the part where you drop the nitric acid will turn creamy without causing any damage to the product.

Cloth Test

Here is the last and the easiest of all to help you differentiate between the real and fake silver jewelry. Take a clean white cloth and rub it on the piece made of sterling silver. If the cloth turns black, then you can be assured that it is made of real metal because real silver oxidized when exposed to air. This causes tarnishing that make black spots on the cloth.

These points will help you save yourself a lot of time and trouble in future and make the wise purchase decision. If you buy silver jewelry online, then opt for the website that is known for its credibility and reliability.

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Celebrate your Friendversary with silver jewelry

They say that a friendship that lasts more than seven years has the chances of lasting a lifetime. So, if you are going to celebrate your 8th Friendversary with your best friend then you must make it really very special. If your best friend has a habit of collecting the best of jewelry then why do not you help her to have some more attractive jewelry at her kitty? You will definitely agree that jewelry made up of silver are preferred more this season than the jewelry that is made up with gold, diamonds and platinum. So search for some silver necklace online for your bestie in order to brighten up the day even more. Apart from the jewelry what else have you planned for her? If in case you want to bake a cake for her, then even that is a great idea. You can bake the cake of her favourite flavour. If in case it is chocolate then you can add chocolate bars, five stars, gems and more.

Buying her a dress that will look great with the order of the silver necklace online is another thing that you can do. Silver jewelry is extremely versatile no doubt. Anyone can carry it. Be it a female or a male, silver jewelry could be spotted on everyone nowadays in some form or the other. Look at the celebrities…they are noticed to carry silver jewelry very frequently these days. Be it a nose pin or jhumkas, silver seems to rule the jewelry market really well these days.

In case you have a good budget, then you can also look for silver jhumkas online for your bestie. The good thing is that silver jewelry never burns a hole in anyone’s pocket. They are extremely economical and still come in different and unique patterns. In fact, if you want you can even go for custom made jewelry. All you will be required doing is to mention the specifications to the jeweler in order to get what you are actually looking for.

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Outfits that you can carry in a party will be complimented really well by silver jhumkas. With jhumkas, we do not mean thick and heavy styled ones. With the essence of modern design combined with the charm of traditional touches, jhumkas that you will be able to find online are simply the ones with the ability make heads turn around. In fact, even if someone wishes to wear a saree with the silver jewelry, it will look great as well. So, do not delay to place your order for some stunning silver jhumkas online along with the one stunning necklace that will bring out the beauty of your bestie even more.

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Silver Necklace: A Timeless Gift for Every Mother

Silver jewellery.jpg

When was the last time you gave your mother something memorable that she could cherish all her life? Let us guess, it was on her birthday or wedding anniversary or Mother’s Day, right? Many of you might not even remember the day when you made her feel special. If you are someone who hasn’t put any special effort for a long time to make your mother happy, then it’s high time that you don your thinking cap on. We know that there is no gift season approaching soon, but why we need to wait for such a day? Every mother works day and night to make our life comfortable and easy, she looks after our needs and wants, takes care of our belongings and whatnot. Honestly, she deserves to be treated special every single day and what’s better option to do so than buying her a timeless gift that every woman loves. We are talking about a gorgeous neck piece that will bring a smile to your mom’s face. You can find a perfect silver necklace online depending on her choice and dressing style.

You can get a plethora of gift ideas on the internet and trust us, some of them are simply so overwhelming that you might get lost in all the shine and glitter of the jewellery piece. Of course, making such decisions will be a way too complicated for sons than daughters but little help from someone who has knowledge about ornaments will be good to pick the perfect item.

You can go for a vintage neck piece that goes well with sarees and are the perfect choice for formal gatherings. There is a memorial silver necklace too that are available online with engraved messages. You can pick one of them so that she can keep your memory close to heart for lifetime and feel your presence around always. If your mother likes more of a traditional look than a modern one, then gift her something classy and ethnic with shine and glitter that has traditional carving and can be donned with lehenga, saree or suit to family weddings and ceremonies. Check her collection once to get assured what she already has so that you don’t buy the same piece again. Also, this will give you a clear idea of her taste in jewellery and you can determine what new she can try.

So, do not dilly-dally and buy a beautiful silver necklace online now. Rest assured that it will be well appreciated and well received. More than anything else, it will be your effort and thought that will make your mother happiest. If you want, you can give a little personal touch to the gift by getting it customized to match her taste.

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