4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

4 Different Silver Earring Style You Must Try

Attending a wedding this summer? Looking for ear jewelry that can elevate your style quotient? Whether you are searching for a chic design that can become a wow factor in your overall look or an earring that highlights your facial features, silver earrings are a great choice. The precious metal costs lower than its other counterparts (gold and platinum).

If you are planning to purchase earrings soon, here are the top designs you should look for –

Hoop – These are circular earrings which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main element of the hoops are the embellished stones. Basically, the hoop can be classified into two: plain and embellished. The plain hoops are minimalistic which no decorative elements. However, it might have intricate patterns carved in form of straight hand curved lines. Simple hoops consist of only a clasp and round tube.

If you fancy fuller design hoops studded with diamonds, pearls and other stones is your perfect fit. In case you have a bigger budget you can opt for halo diamond hoops. The micro paves setting create a line of diamonds, embedded one after the other.

Studs – A stud is a small earring which is secured at the back of earlobe. Silver designs created from wire-like thin elements. These can form beautiful motifs on the top surface of the studs. Single stone studs are a prime choice for daily wear jewelry, as they can be worn at both home and school. To add sophistication, you can choose a sterling silver earrings with charms.

Want to buy ear jewelry that compliments your dress? You can choose a multi-stone pair.

If you are on a tight-budget search for stores that offer zircon jewelry. Zircon is non-precious stones which can add more shine to your earrings.

Jhumkas- The ethnic sterling silver earrings is ageless, it will never go out of fashion. Defining what a Jhumka means is quite impossible with the huge variety of Jhumka designs emerged over the years. It is a long earring with a dome-shaped hanging structure. The top position is small and covers the earlobe while a string is used to connect the bells.

Dangles – As the name suggests the silver earring swing back and forth. From the hook of the earring single or multiple chains of metal hangs down the ear. The large dangles can be as long as to touch your shoulders. A dangle adds more length; it is suitable for women and girls with a round and chubby face.

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Celebrate your Friendversary with silver jewelry

They say that a friendship that lasts more than seven years has the chances of lasting a lifetime. So, if you are going to celebrate your 8th Friendversary with your best friend then you must make it really very special. If your best friend has a habit of collecting the best of jewelry then why do not you help her to have some more attractive jewelry at her kitty? You will definitely agree that jewelry made up of silver are preferred more this season than the jewelry that is made up with gold, diamonds and platinum. So search for some silver necklace online for your bestie in order to brighten up the day even more. Apart from the jewelry what else have you planned for her? If in case you want to bake a cake for her, then even that is a great idea. You can bake the cake of her favourite flavour. If in case it is chocolate then you can add chocolate bars, five stars, gems and more.

Buying her a dress that will look great with the order of the silver necklace online is another thing that you can do. Silver jewelry is extremely versatile no doubt. Anyone can carry it. Be it a female or a male, silver jewelry could be spotted on everyone nowadays in some form or the other. Look at the celebrities…they are noticed to carry silver jewelry very frequently these days. Be it a nose pin or jhumkas, silver seems to rule the jewelry market really well these days.

In case you have a good budget, then you can also look for silver jhumkas online for your bestie. The good thing is that silver jewelry never burns a hole in anyone’s pocket. They are extremely economical and still come in different and unique patterns. In fact, if you want you can even go for custom made jewelry. All you will be required doing is to mention the specifications to the jeweler in order to get what you are actually looking for.

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Outfits that you can carry in a party will be complimented really well by silver jhumkas. With jhumkas, we do not mean thick and heavy styled ones. With the essence of modern design combined with the charm of traditional touches, jhumkas that you will be able to find online are simply the ones with the ability make heads turn around. In fact, even if someone wishes to wear a saree with the silver jewelry, it will look great as well. So, do not delay to place your order for some stunning silver jhumkas online along with the one stunning necklace that will bring out the beauty of your bestie even more.

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Antique Silver Earrings: A Heirloom to Pass on to Your Daughter

People say that I am the perfect reflection of my mother and I couldn’t agree more. We share the same interests, hobbies, and habits. She is my first friend that I can rely on with all my secrets. We go out shopping, try new restaurants, enjoy ‘girl’s day out’ on weekends, and whatnot. Many of my friends even envy me for having such a cool mom but you know whom I envy the most? Well, it is none other than my mother. Yes, you may wonder that just a few seconds ago I was all praise for her, then why this sudden change of thoughts. But, that is true, I envy her for her amazing collection of earrings that she has treasured since she was not even married. You can find a variety of designs and patterns from studs to jhumkas to silver earrings to danglers and more. She loves picking random earrings wherever she goes and thanks to the internet that has fueled her passion more. Now, she loves to buy silver jewellery online, especially her favorite piece of ornament, i.e., earrings.

se 1.jpg

I often request her to let me wear them on several occasions and she kindly obliges too. However, there is a set of instructions that I need to follow before I borrow any piece. She is so possessive about them that everytime I wear any of the earrings from her collection, she directs me how to take care of it and not to lose any one of them. This often gets on my nerves but then I try to step into her shoes and completely understand her reasons.

It was my birthday last month and when I received a beautifully wrapped box in my room. Of course, there is no price for guessing that it was from my parents and I rushed to open it. The moment I saw the gift, I was dumbstruck. It was my mother’s collection of earrings with some other new pieces as well. It was the first time that I saw the whole collection and must say that each of them was better than the other. From antique designs to contemporary patterns, there was nothing that was left out. Then I saw her standing there, smiling, and pleased to see me happy. I just jumped and hugged her and even shed a few tears secretly. I couldn’t thank her enough for such a memorable gift.


She told me that she has always dreamed of gifting this treasured and precious collection to her daughter all her life and this was an ideal time to do that. She was aware of my love for silver earrings too and thought to make my day special by giving me something that can bind us together. And what better option to do that than the box that I always had my eyes on. She had even explored various websites which are authentic and credible to buy silver jewellery online to add the latest & modern designs too in that collection.

I’ve always thanked God for such wonderful parents and at that moment I thought I was the luckiest daughter. Just as I was getting too emotional, I heard her instructing me on how to take care of her precious earrings. I burst out laughing and realized that some things are better never changed.

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A True Gift of Appreciation – Silver Jewelry!

As years passing by many people became fashion conscious are keenly interested to buy the silver jewelry such as silver rings, Silver Earrings, silver bracelets and also the silver necklace. They are considered as a perfect gift with an appreciation sign. The silver earring usually comes in various style and may even be worn in different ways and also has a great selection to select from the variety. Some fashions use the earrings as the piercing object to their nose, navel, eyebrows as well as ears. The Silver stud earrings are always updated and well in style as it will never get outdated.

Silver jewellery

In earlier years the silver earrings were considered to be high in fashion distinction which is privileged or level as first class of the society may wear the silver jewelry to high standard parties, but with advance development in this fashion world with silver jewelry, also the people at middle class society and low class society will afford to have the pair of silver jewelry. Some use them as regular adornment. The Silver earrings are not just limit to fashion world of women but also of the men’s fashion world.

For both women and men, having the silver jewelry will make the day perfect. Silver earrings, being a gift are established as the human appreciation for every individual. As several people truly believe that spark of the silver jewelry are well associated with the moon’s light. Being the gift, the earrings which are made of silver are considered to be a perfect appreciation gift. The stylish Silver earring has their significant and crucial meaning of appreciating people, it also show sincere care to provide the spark and light to the life of a person through darkest moment as silver always sparks similar to the moon.

Usually, silver earrings are selected as per the taste of an individual; though, they must also perfectly fit with hairstyle and time of use. The stud earrings are also most famous among them. It may also be worn as the daily jewelry or with the casual event through the formal occasion. The Silver stud earrings are commonly used for gift of appreciation as they are highly suitable for any color, type and any style of clothing. With the silver stud earring, the casual dress and the shirt will certainly appear to be much elegant devoid of compromising quality though this cost quite less as compared to other jewelry.

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While the hoops, chandelier and dangling earrings, they are best worn for the parties or for the informal occasion with much longer and the distinctive hairstyles or with the tied-back hair. These are much expressive in such hair style. While you buy the earrings in such style you should ensure that you don’t end up buying the one which are quite heavy for ears to hold as this will be really uncomfortable.

Considering the affordable and reasonable prices of the silver jewelry, buying the multiple set of the earrings is certainly advantageous as it is also possible to combine them perfectly with different accessories and clothes.

Pep Up Your Style With Sterling Silver Earrings

Silver jewelry has become very popular due to its versatility and unique appeal. But pure silver jewelry is generally expensive. If your budget doesn’t allow buying pure silver jewellery, there is an amazing alternative to it which is durable as well as affordable – Sterling silver jewelry. Along with being an amazing alternative to pure silver jewelry, it can also prove to be a practical alternative for platinum/white gold.

Silver jewellery

The reason behind sterling silver being durable is that sterling silver is a composition which contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, which may be nickel or copper. This proportion of metals gives sterling silver the quality of being shaped in a better way than pure silver which is too soft. Other than this, this unique composition enhances the sparkle and strength of the metal.

The benefits that sterling silver earrings provide over other jewelry is practicality and durability. The practical benefit of wearing sterling silver earrings is that they do not distract you as you go through the day. Other types of jewelry like bracelets or rings might distract you in your work by coming in between, but earrings stay out of your way and you can therefore concentrate better.

No matter which type of silver earrings you choose be it the minimal CZ studs, wave climber earrings or bold chandler earrings, silver earrings will attract everybody’s attention making their heads turn around as you walk.

Nowadays silver earrings have become an integral accessory to any type of attire be it casual, ethnic or formal. When looking for a meaningful and attractive alternative to gold earrings, you can certainly go for sterling silver jewelry. Moreover, most of the earring designs nowadays are unisex, so even men can stylize their look by wearing them.

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With the rapid expansion in technology and more people becoming aware about the digital world everyday, jewelry suppliers have also started making their work available online. This digital expansion has resulted in high sales of sterling silver jewelry. Among all types of silver jewellery available online, sterling silver earrings online are the most popular item among the online buyers. The high sales have consequently decreased the prices of sterling silver earrings, which is again a plus point for you to go for sterling silver earrings.

When talking about earrings, they offer a wide range of styles. Recent trends which have been seen in earrings are cuff earrings, climber earrings and the earring jackets. Sterling silver’s composition makes it easy to be crafted in the design that you want. You can also choose to buy sterling silver earrings for your loved ones as earrings also are great gifts because of being less expensive than necklaces and rings.